Crime Victims Counseling
I frequently work with victims of crimes such as sexual assualt and domestic violence.  I have extensive training related to trauma, stress, and grief.
My professional experience includes working with victims of violence, abuse, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, fraud, and exploitation.  I have also worked with family members of victims of murder.  I am experienced in helping with the special stresses crime victims may face, such as coping with the procedures of the legal system and preparing for court.
Crime Victim's Compensation
In Kansas, Crime Victims Compensation is available through the Attorney General's office to assist victims of crime.  I will assist my clients in obtaining these benefits by providing applications and communicating with the Crime Victim's office as needed.  I also will make special payment plans for crime victims, including waiting lengthy periods of time to receive my fees.  Many of my clients find that because of their health insurance and/or Crime Victims Compensation, they have little or no out of pocket expense for the counseling. This assistance is also often available to children who have witnessed a crime, such as children who have witnessed domestic violence between their parents.